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CO San Luis Valley Ranchos Video

Lot 7 in Unit 20 of the
San Luis Valley Ranches,
Southern Colorado.

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San Luis Valley Ranches
Unit 20 block 20 lots 5, 6, 7 & 8 - San Luis Valley Ranches


FIVE ACRES - $3,900 each ( 4 lots )   Purchase This Property
Click on a picture for a larger view.
SLVR Lot 7 Unit 20 Lot 6 U 20 NE corner Lot 6 U20 looking NE Looking West Craig St.
Looking North at Mt. Blanca next to lot 5 lot 5 Looking northeast Looking west on Craig St.
Alamosa main Street - 20 min away New Deal Lot 5 Nearby Neighbor 1 Nearby Neighbor 2
Lot 6 Lot 6 Looking northeast sunset from unit 20
Alamosa main Street - 20 min away New Deal Lot 5 Nearby Neighbor 1 Nearby Neighbor 2
topo map of area On lot 7 looking north
San Luis Valley Ranches
Lot 7 & 8 Unit 20 Plat map On lot 8 looking at Mt Blanca
Property Location   Lot Map (close up)
Click the link below to zoom in and out, and use Google Earth to virtually stand on the property:   This map is zoomed in. Click on the balloon for lot decription.
View RGR & SLVR in a larger map   View RGR & SLVR in a larger map

Property Information.

Sourth of Hwy 160, great view of Mt. Blanca. Town of Blanca is 5 minutes away.

Nestled beneath blue skies and 14,000+ ft mountain peaks, the San Luis Valley is surrounded by the beauty, wonder, recreation and wildlife, which make the Rocky Mountains famous. 20 minutes East of the town of Alamosa and 8 minutes west of the town of Blanca.

Driving Distances


200 mi


90  mi


164 mi


205 mi


150 mi

Grand Jct.

248 mi

Pagosa Springs

90 mi

Colorado Springs

163 mi


The property is mostly flat.

Size:    Five acres, 330 ft by 660 ft.      (Almost five football fields.)
Roads:   Access to the property is on all-weather county maintained dirt roads.
Population:   The San Luis Valley 46,000 people.

WATER:  The average well depth in the San Luis Valley Ranches is about 180 FT, drilling costs about $35 per foot. A money saving option: to start out, or if you’re just using your land for vacation, you can haul your own water.  You can fill a 500 gallon tank at the Alamosa Water Dept. for only $2.50. (719-589-2593

SEPTIC SYSTEMS:   cost $3,000-4,000.

POWER:The San Luis Valley has the strongest solar power resources in the state, the highest per capita concentration of home-based solar energy systems in the United States. The cost of solar system kits start at about $1100. See our useful links for more solar info.                                                        

GAS: Propane is used for cooking, refrigerator and heat. Propane is delivered throughout the valley. Most people also use woodstoves for heating. Abundant cheap firewood is available in the local forest. Generator: People use gasoline generators for back up, like when times call for using large power tools. 
Please go to our Useful Links page for more information.

Planning and Zoning:   Two homes allowed:  A main house and a ranch hand house (mother-in-law house). Residental zoned.
Fire Protection:   Provided by the San Luis Volunteer Fire Department in Fort Garland.
Police Protection:    Provided by Costilla County Sheriff office in San Luis.
Education:   Elementary, junior high, and high schools are located in all main towns in the valley. Adams State College is located in Alamosa.  Small classes, low tuition and faculty dedicated to teaching have put this college on the exclusive list of America’s 100 Best College Buys for three years in a row.

Convenience shopping is available in Blanca, Fort Garland and San Luis. Alamosa has major shopping facilities. Wallgreens, Wallmart, Home Depot, Farmer's Markets etc..


INDUSTRY: Educational services, retail trade, agriculture, business & repair services, health services, tourism, art, entertainment, recreation services, finance, insurance, public utilities, manufacturing, wholesale, trader, transportation, mining, construction and public administration.

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